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Nicola Ricottone, MD - Radiation Oncologist

Ord. Med. CT14105

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Radiotherapy treats patients suffering from malignant neoplasms (and occasionally benign pathologies) through the use of radiation. It is used in the treatment of about 40% of patients with cancer.

Its purpose is to achieve tumor eradication, delivering a precise dose of radiation to a defined tumor volume and causing the minimum possible damage to the surrounding healthy tissues. It can also be used together with surgery, chemotherapy, etc. Radiotherapy is used for palliative purpose, too. 




First visit: it is the moment when the Patient and the Radiation Oncologist meet for the first time. The doctor sees the clinical documentation, examines the patient and eventually gives the indication to the radiation treatment.


Simulation: the patient undergoes a CT scan in the identical position in which the therapy will be performed. The images acquired are used for the preparation of the radiotherapy treatment plan. ​


Planning: the Radiation Oncologist and the Medical Physicist create a treatment plan that takes into account the patient's clinical conditions and the purpose of the treatment. The aim is to optimize the effectiveness of the treatment by minimizing the incidence of side effects.


Treatment: the duration of the treatment and its fractionation can vary greatly. Indeed, they depend on the purpose of the treatment, on patient clinical condition, on the technique used, on the volume to be irradiated.


Medical examinations during therapy: these visits are scheduled along the radiation therapy course or carried out on request to monitor and treat any side effects.


Post-treatment follow-up: these are visits made after the end of the radiotherapy course to evaluate the efficacy of the radiation treatment and to establish, if necessary, the further diagnostic-therapeutic path.

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